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About: Our Story
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Our History

The Candy Drop Box is run by us, Caleb and Breanna, a husband and wife team. Breanna's first job was in a candy store and since then, she has dreamed of her own shop. With the challenges of 2020, big dreams seemed out of reach until we realized packages and candy are a perfect pairing. What better than having unique delicious sweets dropped right at your door (or mailbox). 


About Us

Breanna- Wife, mom, journeyman red-seal hairstylist, baker, candy curator and professional taste tester. 


Caleb- Husband, dad, Advanced Care Paramedic, pilot, adventure seeker, candy taster, quality control

About the Box

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Each box is filled with carefully chosen candies to fit the theme of the month. You might find candies like green frogs, blue whales, or pop bottles as a classic flair, or candies like Dolly Mixture, Bon Bons, or Jelly Babies for an international taste. Each candy is chosen with care so we can share our favorites with you. 

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